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Expertise and Excellence since 1988

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We are experts at converting DMACS and FIX32 applications to iFIX.
Have converted thousands of pictures, tens of thousands of database
tags, hundreds of tag groups, historian, security, and more.

Should only experienced contractors upgrade your DMACS and FIX32 to latest iFIX?

Will you have only experienced contractors upgrade Opto 22 systems to latest version?

Would profits increase if a high speed Historian predicted equipment failures?

Is it time to prepare your SCADA system to notify and monitor in-plant security threats?

Are you ready for RMDS documentation to mitigate liabilities as staff members leave?

We first contacted Marion about obsolescence issues with our gas turbine control HMI, running on INTELLUTION FIX32.


Now, after many years of association with him, he has lead us through  updating the FIX32 software to iFIX, installation and update of OPTO22 hardware and software, including migration from legacy OPTO22 software to the newest version.


Along the way Marion has provided great documentation on the more technical aspects of the project, as well as fully informative “quick guides” for field technicians reference.


He, and his associates, have proved to be an excellent source of professional and personable assistance in a variety of successfully completed projects.


Lynn Richardson

Plant Manager

FIX32 and iFIX

We have the expertise to assess your needs, improve your operations and
convert your Opto 22 systems to the latest version of SNAP PAC or EPIC.


Over 30 years of field experience gives us excellent knowledge and
capabilities for integrating iFIX applications. We will determine the best
way forward for your specific application(s) and then we apply outstanding
skills to fulfill your requirements.


Opto 22

We have the expertise to assess your needs, improve your operations and
convert your Opto 22 systems to the latest version of SNAP PAC or EPIC.

opto 22

We link iHistorian to iFIX and Opto 22 Controllers. This enables robust
and high speed data collection to assist troubleshooting and to provide
exceptional assessment of operations and equipment. Mitigate equipment
failure liabilities, predict oncoming issues, improve maintenance and
increase reliability.


Active Threat Management

Use plant SCADA systems for notification of and response to security
threat situations. Can include SCADA picture colors, animations, on-
screen threat response procedures. Status notifications and directives
can be provided via phone, email and text messages. Capture date and
time stamped notifications and responses. For increased reliability,
include hardened, mirrored computers.

threat m

RMDS Documentation

Uses Microsoft Office Word and Excel. Includes all data circuits from
screen objects through the SCADA process database, through internal
PLC addresses, through PLC modules out to field equipment in a single
table row or Excel spreadsheet row. Can include wire terminations,
conduit and junction box IDs, equipment pictures, power breaker
locations. Minimize the need to use tattered and marked up drawings.
Keep fingers out of the application software!


Marion has a BSEE degree.
He was an instructor at a two year technical college. Has worked for Johnson Controls as a Sales Engineer for HVAC and building automation systems. Marion has worked in the SCADA systems industry for most of his career Integrating SCADA
systems for manufacturing, utilities, etc. for fortune 100 companies. Marion has provided his customers with technical training for engineering, technical, operations and maintenance staffs.
One of his favorite career offerings is to provide liability mitigating documentation that improves maintenance and increases “soft” reliability. Marion’s desire has always been to provide his best efforts for every project and in every situation.

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