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  Help Provided
New product specs and manufacturing plans defined and agreed upon by competitive Technical and Sales staff.
Concise guidance in re-directing stalled or failing projects.
Strong, uninvolved guidance to understanding and respect between feuding staff.
Management to plant floor staff communications enabled and/or enhanced.
  Any situation where staff communications issues need to be managed or avoided.  
  Why the Technical Environment?
  Our experience is in the technical environment.  
  Non-technical help can be provided.  
  Example Senario
Company needs to develop a specification and manufacturing plan for a new product.
Product objectives: use state of the art, get it to market on time, provide a product that is recognizably better than the competition, meet the needs of the customer base, be affordable, etc.
Issues: Technical, software and sales staff are at odds, staff is into blame games over previous failures, lack of trust and respect concerning the abilities of the other staff.
Facilitator Resolution: Two day conference including all staff, communications monitored and guided, specification developed, acceptable procedures for ongoing documentation and communications set, chain of command put in place, milestones set, all staff sign off on completed agreements.