Custom Programming

MAWPE offers professional programming services for managing data, customer needs, materials, invoicing, shipping, inventory, HMI/SCADA, DCS and more. There are no restrictions on size, complexity, simplicity or location.

Our programmers are highly skilled in the following programmer languages:

    1. VB.Net
    2. C#.Net
    3. ASP.Net
    4. Embedded Visual C++
    5. C++
    6. C
    7. Visual Basic

Microsoft Access and other relational databases are also included in our skill set.

Recent development work includes:

    1. CE hand-held applications in a .Net Compact Framework environment.
    2. Interface to Symbol Scan Engines.
    3. Software Wedge for scanned data.
    4. Signature Capture.
    5. Custom Controls.
    6. Communications.
    7. GUI for the hand-held.
    8. Testing and repair.
    9. HMI/SCADA
    10. Control Logic.







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