IFIX and FIX32 Support

Providing support for Intellution applications and customers since 1988, gives us a rarely found level of experience and competence for supporting Intellution iFIX and FIX32 applications.

Even Intellution has asked us to provide field support for applications that escaped all others abilities to resolve application issues. Additionally we provided both Level 1 and Level 2 support at Intellution headquarters for field issues.

We provide excellent support because have spent many years installing projects, provide consulting, training users and fixing things in the field, where problems cause the biggest impact.

Support can include.

    1. Updating the application
    2. Upgrading the software
    3. Troubleshooting issues.
    4. Changing and adding to the application.
    5. Consulting for teaching, improving and planning.

IFIX and FIX32 Application Development

Since 1988, MAWPE has been building and installing DOS FIX, DOS DMACS, FIX for Windows, FIX32 and iFIX applications. We have a tremendous amount of experience. For some corporations, we built applications for all of their plants.

Some of the applications we have built include:

    1. Multiple Nuclear Power Plants
    2. Many Water and Wastewater Utilities
    3. Multiple Gas Utilities
    4. Solid Rocket Fuel Plant
    5. Automotive Manufacturing
    6. Multiple Textile Plants
    7. Radioactive Material Handling
    8. Chemical Monitoring
    9. Many Heat Treatment Applications
    10. Fossil Fuel Generating Plants
    11. Apparel Manufacturing
    12. Chemical Manufacturing
    13. Military Applications

IFIX and FIX32 Conversions

There are few companies that have done the conversions we have. Marion A. White, PE, Inc. has converted applications all along the history of Intellution software changes.

    1. FIX32 to iFIX
    2. DOS DMACS to iFIX
    4. DOS DMACS to FIX for Windows
    5. DOS FIX to FIX for Windows
    6. DOS DMACS to FIX32
    7. DOS FIX to FIX32
    8. FIX Working Model to FIX32







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