Wireless and Hand-Held Applications

Having developed the software and custom controls that run on a new CE hand-held terminal, we are uniquely qualified to build needed applications efficiently and with high value.

Data, product and people management is now high tech, yet incredibly capable and easy to use with a high ROI.

Applications of hand-held computer terminals with and without bar code scanning are possible. Read data from a bar code or some other input device, add a checklist of operations, remove product from inventory, initiate ordering, record signatures and operator activity and so much more.

Applications for:

    1. Shipping
    2. Inventory Control
    3. Maintenance
    4. Ordering
    5. Human resource management
    6. Pick and Pack
    7. Customer service
    8. Billing
    9. You name it

MAWPE has much experience in the industrial world and we can apply that knowledge to applications in manufacturing and other industrial applications.

Also, call on us to implement CE hand-held, wireless devices withing your HIM/SCADA and DCS systems. Mobile application graphics, data monitoring, operator GUI, setpoint changes, start/stop control, recipe downloading and more are all possible with these wireless Smart Devices.







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